Sunday, 24 June 2012

I am currently studying textile’s and surface design at the University Of Bolton. I am  working to my own brief, the theme of my work is religion from around the world I have looked at various religions which include Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. I initially chose religion as it is something that has always been in my life, as a child I went to a Church of England primary school and when we was in church  I found the stain glass window’s fascinating especially when the sun came out.
I Began this project by first focusing on my own religion Christianity so I began my research by looking at grave stones, churches, steeples, stain glass windows, gates , and doors also cathedrals. I took photographs and began to draw and paint from these in my sketchbook and on A2 sheets using mixed media.
 I was then encouraged to explore other religions and look at there traditions, symbols and way of life . 
I created stamps using photo shop and illustrator, I first created the religion symbol with the pen tool and then by using the rotation tool was able to create these stamps.  After creating the stamps I then used photo shop to fill them with the correct colours from my colour way. I then placed two of the shapes on a blue coloured background and played around with opacity to make the colours fade into the back ground. Also changing the scale to see which works best.