Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Over the last few week’s I have been working on A2 sheets  creating designs from different religions using mixed media. On the image on the right I used paper versions of the two previous designs I

Created. These  patterns were then collaged with the designs. The design in the bottom right corner was created by looking at different patterns   in religions.

Whilst looking on WGSN I came across the V-top image below which is a top design for spring summer 2013 . I have decided to create my own design based on the design below, I then created a few sample pieces based on my design’s using fabric and Pvc, unfortunately the Pvc was to stiff to use and would make the wearer feel uncomfortable so I have decided it is best not to use this and instead I shall use a light cotton or silk organza .
This is my toile of the top which is in the summer 2013 collection on WGSN. I created this out of a plain medium weight cotton but I intend on using a organza or sheer fabric . I plan on getting  the floral pattern above digitally printed on to the top and then beaded on top of. I shall also be getting the design on the bottom left printed onto a top and then I will embroider and bead onto this.

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