Tuesday, 10 July 2012

This week I have been making the wellington boot socks that you can see on the photograph I have taken. This pattern on the top of the sock’s was generated by taking a motif that I found in a church. I changed the motif to fit my colour way  and style of my work . I have also been researching Manish Arora who uses a lot of print pattern and creates beautiful dresses . I have also been looking at a designer named Etro they design clothes with lots of print pattern .
I created these wellington boot socks out of fleece connecting the pieces together using the over locker machine. I created the pattern section by digitally printing the pattern onto coated cotton satin.  I encountered a few problems creating these cuffs  as connecting them to the fleece was difficult. Eventually after sewing the sock in a different way I managed to create  the Wellington boot sock. I had to pin the cuff section onto the inside of the fleece sock sew those sections together and then invisible stitch the grey section underneath to create the wellington boot cuff. I decided to create these wellington boots for summer as you can never tell what the British weather will do.

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